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Our Courses

Introduction to Smart Cards

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of card technology, functional architecture, and manufacturing. Attendees also receive an overview of product development and certification processes.

Duration : 1/2 Day

Introduction to Smart Card Cryptography and Security

We'll provide an overview of cryptography fundamentals and associated algorithms and illustrate their use in EMV smart card examples.

Duration : 1/2 Day

Introduction to GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform technical standards enable efficient launch and management of innovative, secure-by-design digital services and devices with end-to-end security, privacy, simplicity, and convenience. This course covers GlobalPlatform card and infrastructure specifications.

Duration : 1 Day

Introduction to EMV® Concepts and Migration Impacts

Attendees learn the concepts and objectives of EMV specifications and functionality. Case studies of EMV migrations illustrate the benefits of applying EMV standards.

Duration : 1/2 Day

Understanding EMV® Contact Specifications

Attendees learn the objectives and concepts of EMV specifications and functionality for contact payment. Topics covered include EMV contact specifications; EMV transaction flow; card/terminal data exchange; and authorization mechanisms. We will address when and how cryptography is used in EMV transactions for offline card authentication and online cryptograms. The course also includes a discussion of risk management for acquirers and issuers.

Duration : 2 Days

Understanding EMV® Contactless Specifications

This course provides an introduction to the concepts underlying EMV contactless specifications. We'll cover technology and interoperability issues; application and kernel selection; outcomes; interaction with payment system transaction flows; payment scheme kernels; magstripe and EMV products and transaction flows; and relationship with existing contactless kernels. Attendees will be introduced to the EMVCo C-8 Kernel, EMV contactless mobile payment, and the relationship with non-mobile contactless payment.

Duration : 1 Day

Understanding Visa and Mastercard Specifications

Overview of Visa Smart Debit Credit (VSDC), Visa Integrated Circuit (VIS), and Visa Contactless Payment Specification (VCPS) applications. We'll review the primary features of Visa applications and transaction flows. Attendees will also be introduced to the Mastercard M/Chip Advance payment platform and card applications with their features and transaction flows.

Duration : 1 Day

Understanding Payment Processing

This course covers payment processing, including the payment processing ecosystem, transaction flows, and roles and responsibilities of all entities.

Duration : 1 Day

Introduction to EMV®Co Approval Processes

Learn how products and components become EMVCo approved.

Duration : 1/2 Day


Gain foundational understanding of EMV 3-D Secure (3DS) concepts and benefits. We'll present workflows and use cases, as well as comparisons between different versions of EMV 3DS and their benefits.

Duration : 1/2 Day

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