Solutions Development

Smart Consulting will develop specialized tools and supporting databases as components in clients' approval and certification processes. Solutions development is often part of global projects that involve tool validation and deployment in certified laboratories, service providers, personalization offices, acquirers or issuers premises

Solutions Development

Custom-developed solutions typically include test plans and operational support. Customers can turn to us for assistance in developing:

  • Qualification tools: Including definition, development, and maintenance solutions
  • Custom personalization testing tools for internal testing 
  • JavaCard applets and mobile HCE applications for functional trials, pilots, proofs of concept, or use in tool validation 
  • Server-based solutions, such as TSMs and personalization systems, for functional trials, pilots, proofs of concept, or use in tool validation
  • Web-based tools and tracking databases that support approval and certification processes
  • Related training materials and marketing presentations, if needed

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