Mastercard Card Quality Management

Mastercard requires Card Quality Management (CQM) certification for all Mastercard EMV cards.

Mastercard has developed the Card Quality Management (CQM) program to ensure a worldwide sufficient quality level for the Mastercard branded cards. Mastercard mandates worldwide the CQM certification for all EMV cards with ID1 format. Since 2009 Mastercard outsourced the CQM services to Smart Consulting.

  • CQM is owned by Mastercard.
  • CQM services are performed exclusively by Smart Consulting on behalf of Mastercard.
  • CQM audit services are performed by CQM-accredited auditors under the supervision and coordination of Smart Consulting.

The CQM program is based on the CQM requirements self-assessment by the card vendors, card components suppliers, and personalization bureaus. Those assessments are controlled by audits requested by the CQM operations. Related CQM quality labels are requested by Mastercard to provide card manufacturers with a Letter of Approval (LoA) or a Card Vendor Conformity Statement (CVCS).

Smart Consulting's Expertise

Smart Consulting is the primary contact for vendors seeking CQM certification. We work with clients to assist them through the CQM certification process:

  • Questions related to the CQM process
  • Registration of participants
  • Interim recognition to start production before the initial audit
  • Audit report assessment
  • Audit report corrective actions follow-up
  • Certificatese delivery, signed by Mastercard (updated every year)
  • Changes management
  • Administrative support
  • Reporting to the Mastercard Product Approvals team
  • Coordination with the Mastercard Global Vendor Certification Program
  • Accreditation and coordination of CQM auditors

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For more information about our Card Quality Management services, download our documentation

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