Deployment & Field Testing

Live testing is important to launching a successful new solution. We perform live product testing to ensure interoperability, test new functionalities, and improve service levels—as well as to troubleshoot issues that emerge after launch.

Customers engage us for live testing when:

  • Launching a product with new functionality
  • Ensuring reliability of cards with restricted services
  • Debugging code and obtaining log data
  • Performing a general functionality assessment
  • Remediating issues encountered in the field
In-the-Field Testing
In-the-Field Testing

Testing can be performed in the field using real payment credentials in agreement with a merchant or as "shadow tests" to uncover potential issues.

Global Testing
Global Testing

Global testing engagements test card acceptance for cards and mobile devices across locations and across a wide range of goods or services.

User Experience Testing
User Experience Testing

We uncover usability issues, capturing comments and experiences described by users for improving the customer experience and satisfaction.

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