Smart Consulting offers a broad choice of trainings on digital secure payments, chosen for and organized within the company or in business-to-business environments. Each training program is adapted to the type of trainee involved, and customized at the customer’s request depending on the company’s location, market and context.

Practical Sessions

  • Sessions from ½ day to 2 days
  • Many concrete examples to illustrate the concepts
  • Limited to 20 attendees.

Documentation provided electronically but also hard copy, identical to the material used in the training session.

Interactive trainings

Emphasis on exchanges between the trainer and the participants. Trainers, having many years of experience in companies and as facilitators of the training sessions, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the problems inherent to the world of payments.

Functional courses :

  • Introduction to chip card standards and technologies
  • EMV Concepts and Migration Impacts
  • Introduction to contactless banking applications and technology
  • Introduction to EMVCo Approval Processes
  • Introduction to EMVCo Mobile Payment Approval

Technical courses :

  • Understanding EMV specifications
  • Understanding Visa and Mastercard® specifications
  • Understanding the CCD and CPA specifications
  • Understanding the Contactless C-1 to C-7 EMV Kernels
  • Understanding EMVCo 2nd GEN Kernel
  • Mastercard PayPass® Specifications

Customized trainings :

  • The context: adapting an existing course to meet a specific need
  • Target: variable, from general courses to highly specific technical training

Duration: From half a day to 2 days, depending on the subject.