Approval services
Approval services

As a specialist of digital payments, Smart Consulting offers approval services to assist companies in the process of getting their secure payment products type approved.

Smart Consulting specialises and thrives to run Operational Secretariat tasks performed for worldwide Payment Systems, to follow-up and manage all approvals of a product in the area of digital secure payments.

Some of the Operational Tasks managed by Smart Consulting include:

  • Perform administrative functions of the Type Approval process
  • Receive emails from accredited laboratories and product vendors, wishing to submit their products for Type Approval
  • Process the product registration forms
  • Review the laboratories’ approval reports
  • Answer any queries based on the approval session
  • Issue Type Approval Letter
  • Communications with product vendors, Laboratories and Payment System
  • Laboratory Management

Currently, Smart Consulting conducts the here-below approval projects:

  • EMVCo: for Card, Terminal, Mobile and 3DS projects
  • Discover Financial Services: for Card, Mobile and Terminal projects
  • Mastercard®: for Card Quality Management