Your Challenge

To provide your coworkers with the skills and knowledge they need to manage change and meet the challenges of the future.

The Smart Consulting Approach


A broad choice of programs chosen for and organized within the company or business-to-business, adapted to the type of trainee involved, and customized at the customer’s request depending on the country, company, and context.

Practical and hands-on

  • sessions lasting ½ day to 2 days.
  • Many concrete examples to illustrate the concepts.
  • Exercises and EMV cards as a simulation tool.

Documentation in CD Rom and binder form, identical to the material used in the training session.


Emphasis on exchanges with the trainer and the participants, limited to 20 attendees.

The Smart Consulting Commitment

Trainers who are also men in the field: with many years experience in companies and as facilitators of the training sessions as well as an in-depth knowledge of the problems inherent to the world of payment

General Courses

  • The context: implementation of a system where the smartcard is the key element
  • The target: any beginner in the field
  • Duration: 1 or 2 days per course

Functional courses :

  • Introduction to smart cards
  • Introduction to cryptography
  • Introduction to contactless banking applications and technology

Banking Training

  • The context: migration of debit and credit cards and banking system to EMV and Contactless standards
  • Target: banking personnel and system providers
  • Duration: 1 to 2 days per course
  • Topics: functional and technical aspects of migration, issuing, acquiring, and EMV certification
  • Choice: a wide range of functional or technical courses

Functional courses:

 State-of-art payment card & payment scheme

 EMV Concepts

  • Impacts of the EMV migration
  • Contactless (NFC) services business overview for mobile payment and mass transit
  •  Understanding contactless (NFC) mobile payment technical requirements and use cases
  •  Contactless (NFC) mobile payment experimentation deployment (pilot launching)

Specially designed for trainees implicated in EMV project management, such as cards payment managers, IT senior managers, security managers, cards payment project managers, and solutions providers.

Technical courses:

  • Understanding EMV Specifications
  • Visa and MasterCard cards specifications
  • CCD and CPA specifications (introduction) training
  • CPA specifications (complete)
  •  MasterCard PayPass training

Specially designed for project managers, operational or IT senior managers, card or terminal managers, and developers in charge of system migration towards EMV.

Customized Training

  • The context: adapting an existing course to meet a specific need
  • Target: variable, from general courses to highly specific technical training

During: ½ to 2 days depending on the objective.