Smart Consulting performs specific audits in the area of Digital Secure Payments and is accredited as such by the leaders in the Secure Payment Industry.

During our audit campaigns our experts make an official examination of the customers’ internal organization and processes with the objective of assessing compliance to the relevant standards, identifying risks and deviations. We then produce and deliver a detailed report.

Smart Consulting acts as an auditor, in the following two areas:

Auditors for Technical Laboratories:

Smart Consulting is accredited to audit laboratories on-site, to perform functional and/or security test evaluations audit for EMVCo, functional approval audit for Mastercard® and security approval audit for GlobalPlatform.

The objectives of these accreditation audits are to:

  • Assess the laboratory internal organization and processes in order to evaluate its compliance with ISO 17025 and EMVCo Type Approval requirements,
  • Highlight potential deviations.

Technical Assessment of Specification or Tests:

Smart Consulting is also accredited by EMVCo to perform:

  • Risk Assessment on Product Test result when deviance appear
  • Technical Review of CCD and CPA Product compliance