The founders

Smart Consulting team brings together consultants with many years of proven experience in the smartcard field.

The Founders

The founders of the company, Dominique Dreher and Jacques Lemonier, both have more than 20 years experience in the smartcard environment.

Dominique Dreher

Dominique has 14 years experience in system involving smartcard technology. He has spent 11 years as consultant, team manager and now director, in payment schemes involving smartcard use and EMV technology. His assignments are Project Manager and mainly Technology Expert in acquiring and issuing payment card systems.

Jacques Lemonier

Jacques LEMONIER has been working since August 2002, in Smart Consulting, as a consultant specialized in complete banking smart card schemes and loyalty applications. His extensive experience in banking applications covers the technical, marketing and project management aspects of a smart card project. His expertise includes payment standards such as EMV, cards personalisation systems, POS applications, ATM applications, payment networks , authorization server, datacollection server, Electronic purses, cryptography schemes.