Sharing an ethic and values

First key point :

Our company proposes consulting services for ten years. But the expertise in the smart card payment environment for banks and other payments organizations built itself since longer. We have in our team a strong capital of skills and experimented people in this domain with a large part of senior consultants.

Second key point :

As French company (first country where smart card was experimented), Smart Consulting widely developed consulting activities in Europe and in the world by bringing high level know how to numerous customers requiring persons with expertises. We are thus very open beyond domestic banking business with a very large part of our activity operated worldwide.

Third key point :

We share with our customers and our consultants a « win-win» ethic.
An ethic with regard to our customers so as to serve them at the best. We make all our best  to be sure that our work and deliveries are full targeted with their needs. Our policy is not dedicated to sell first «man-days » ! We so keep relations for a very long time with numerous customers.

But we also make all effort towards employees of the company to work in a fair and pleasant environment keeping the objective to bring to customers so a high quality of services. Our turn-over is rather low, compared to many other consulting companies