Technical consultancy

Your Requirements

A specific need for specialized skills and know-how in a given field.

The Smart Consulting Approach

Based on comprehensive technical expertise on:

  • Cards:
    1. card technologies depending on the requirements expressed and the proposed strategy
    2. control of risk management in card emission and adjustment (EMV)
    3. definition of EMV profiles
    4. Issuing Contactless card such as PayPass
    5. configuration of issuing and personalization systems for cards depending on the chosen technology.
  • Systems:
    1. control of risk management and server parameterization
    2. Acquirer system upgrade,
    3. definition of customization and cryptographic server solutions
    4. definition of key management
    5. systems migration, change management.

The Smart Consulting Commitment

A pragmatic result, with a commitment to providing clear, understandable documents that can be used immediately.