Project management

Your Challenge

Succeed in project management or ownership within a project framework

The Smart Consulting Approach

Thorough, rigorous, and structured, our approach includes a number of steps:

  • development of a project plan, including phasing, control of the different stages of component deliveries, subsidiary issues
  • task assignment plan: internal, outsourcing with selected suppliers
  • monitoring and measuring the progress of the various tasks
  • coordination between the various suppliers
  • facilitation of steering committees, projects

Technical and functional, based on in-depth knowledge of smartcard systems

Excellent project management is the result of detailed technical expertise and the capacity to maintain an overall vision. This type of project management can be applied in many fields:

  • implementation of global payment systems (global coordination, MOE, and MOA)
  • migration from existing infrastructures to the smartcard system, EMV, and multiple applications
  • banking certification for systems (card, terminal, server)
  • and many others.

 The Smart Consulting Commitment

Rigorous control of project management thanks to our comprehensive technical expertise in the field of smartcard systems.