Feasability studies

Your Challenge

To evaluate the impact of a project implementation from a technical, strategic, and economic standpoint.

The Smart Consulting Approach

An in-depth analysis and assessment of these 3 aspects. We suggest a 5-step process:

  • Organize a round table meeting for all the players involved to achieve a better understanding of existing infrastructures and study new requirements
  • Evaluate the various potential scenarios
  • Present an assessment of the various scenarios with our recommendation for the company
  • Write up the approved scenario, including planning, budget, and functional specifications.
  • Presentation of the final scenario to the decision-makers.

The Smart Consulting Commitment

An ability to carry out assessments on two levels:

  • A global level thanks to objectivity based on our thorough knowledge of systems, applications, and the market

At a more detailed level thanks to our extensive technical expertise and experience with implementation of similar projects.