Certification process

Our company is the external entity selected by MasterCard to manage all the operations related to the “Card Quality Management” process. CQM is part of the MasterCard Card Approval Process in completion of functional and security certifications. This secretariat is managing the following:

  • Information and documentation to the vendors
  • Registration for the vendors
  • Analysis of audit report and actions plan follow-up
  • Issuing audit report decision and certificate draft
  • Issue certificate signed by MCW
  • Prepare commercial offer for CQM and invoice
  • Issue certificate for one year
  • Manage expiration date of certificates

Smart Consulting has been appointed by a worldwide consortium to operate the Compliance Secretariat who manages the Card Qualification Process for this entity. This includes the administrative functions associated with Qualification and Listing Agreement, completion of contracts of Test Tools Vendors and Laboratories, processing approval requests and fees,issuing letters of approval or rejection, etc.

  • Evaluates Test results and determines whether consortium qualification should be granted to a Test Tool
  • Evaluates appropriate resolution of non-conformance issues reported to the consortium, including additional testing, revision or eventual termination of the Letter of Qualification for a particular Qualified Card Product (or Test Tool)
  • Evaluates Laboratory documents and determines whether  qualification should be granted to a Laboratory
  •  Managesthe Laboratory and Test Tool Vendor appeals process and resolves qualification disputes