Call for tenders

Your Challenge

Obtain relevant answers that are in phase with your needs and calls for tender.

Choosing the best supplier.

The Smart Consulting Approach

When drafting the specifications:

  • Pragmatic
 : Based on a requirements analysis of the existing technical and organizational situation, strategic requirements, and marketing needs.
  • Precise
 : The degree of precision of the specifications determines the relevance of the responses provided by the prospective bidders.
  • Flexible
 : The writing can emphasize functional and technical specifications, or even include an organizational section.

When assessing the bids:

  • Technical and efficient/professional
Develop a series of assessment and decision-making criteria.

The Smart Consulting Commitment

We can bring you our technical know-how, our knowledge of the state of the art for this type of system, and use our experience to help you choose the solution that best meets your current requirements.. We guarantee total objectivity, because we are independent from component suppliers (cards, terminals, servers, etc…).