Your Challenge

In the framework of a project launch in the field of payment and private application systems:

  • Collect data on the requirements of all the players involved
  • Discover the appropriate technical solutions available

The Smart Consulting Approach

We propose an interactive, pragmatic approach, divided into 2 phases:

1. Organize a 2-day round table meeting with all the players involved (senior management, Marketing, the IT department, etc.) to inventory:

  • Their overall requirements
  • The company’s strategic choices
  • Existing technical and functional architecture
  • Constraints
  • Preferred project scheduling

2. Facilitate a discussion between the various players on the technical and functional topics described by the consultant, such as:

  • an analysis of applications of possible use and processing to implement for the various system components
  • the targeted functional architectures and card categories possible for this type of application
  • consequences on the total system in terms of architecture

The Smart Consulting Commitment

Our technical expertise and market know-how are drawn upon to answer your questions and moderate the discussion in an effective, yet neutral, way.

An overall vision, provided in the form of a report on:

  • the various scenarios and solutions under consideration
  • aspects that require more specific study
  • the choices to be made

an overview of tasks and planning in implementing the solution