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Our History


Smart Consulting is an independent consulting firm specialising in the Digital and Secure Payment environment, with a dedicated team for a maximum of flexibility and effectiveness. Smart Consulting has the know-how and skills to make every mission a success.

Smart Consulting was created in 2002 following an encounter between two consulting experts:

Dominique Dreher (with over 25 years experience in smartcard and digital payment technology) and Jacques Lemonier (with over 28 years experience in computerized banking). Using their international experience and expertise in the fields of IT, banking, and security, they created Smart Consulting in 2002.


Main areas of expertise

Smart Cards and Terminals Technologies

Secure Payments

Digital Technologies

Approval Processes

The Founders

Smart Consulting brings together consultants with many years of proven experience in the digital payment fields.

The founders of the company, Dominique Dreher and Jacques Lemonier, have more than 50 years experience between them, in the payment environments.

Dominique Dreher

Dominique has 25 years experience in systems involving smartcard technology and digital payment. He has spent 11 years as consultant, team manager in payment schemes involving smartcard use and EMV® technology and is the company CEO.

As well as managing the company, Dominique also performs assignments, such as: Project Manager and Technology Expert in acquiring and issuing payment card systems.

Jacques Lemonier

Jacques has been working at Smart Consulting as a consultant from the start, specialising in complete banking smart card schemes and loyalty applications. His extensive experience in banking applications covers the technical, marketing and project management aspects of a smart card project.

His expertise includes payment standards such as Europay, Mastercard® and Visa (EMV), card personalisation systems, Point of Sale (POS) applications, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) applications, payment networks, authorization server, data-collection server, Electronic purses and cryptography schemes.

Our fields of Expertise

Issuing: Card Issuing and Personalisation Systems for Contact and Contactless Cards, central or Distributed Systems, Instant Issuing, Cryptographic Equipment and Host Authorization Systems.

Smart Card technologies:

  • Native OS and Open OS technologies such as JavaCard
  • Application and configurations, such as GlobalPlatform Card and associated Configurations (UICC, Basic Financial, Mapping Guidelines, etc), EMV, CCD and CPA
  • Secure channel protocol, contactless configurations
  • EMV 2nd GEN

Mobile technology:

  • NFC technology and applications
  • Secure Elements and Mobile Devices, HCE…
  • GlobalPlatform Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Open Mobile API (OMAPI)

Communication protocols:

  • EMV L1 Contact (ISO 7816)
  • EMV L1 Contactless (ISO 14443)
  • SWP / HCI

Acquiring and Terminal: EMV, EMV Cless, Point Of Sale, ATM and host Acquiring Systems

Certification processes:

  • Administration of certifications (contact & contactless technologies)
  • Test plan definition and development
  • Test tools qualification
smartcard module


High Skills :

Expertise and even more technical expertise in Digital Secure Payment and in Approval Services is our first value. Smart Consulting is today recognised by the market for providing highly technically skilled services.



International :

As a French company (France being the pioneer of the smart card technology), Smart Consulting widely developed consulting activities accross many countries by bringing high-level know-how to numerous customers requiring specific expertise. It is thus very open beyond the domestic banking business, with the major part of its activity operated worldwide.

Win-Win :

Smart Consulting shares a “win-win” ethic between its customers and its consultants, so as to best serve them. Smart Consulting ensures that its work and deliveries are fully targeted with its customers’ needs, as well as maintaining long relationships with its customers.

Smart Consulting takes all effort towards its employees, to work in a fair and pleasant environment, keeping the objective of providing a high quality of services to its customers.

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